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About Us

We’re accelerating Nigeria’s transition to an electronic/data-driven healthcare system by making it possible for healthcare facilities to go digital using our simple, instant and free* platform!

The Medical Crisis in Nigeria

The crippling disadvantages associated with
storing medical information on paper are
undeniably real to both doctors and patients, yet
many developing countries still rely on paper files
for storing health records. In many African
countries, including Nigeria, citizens and residents
have their health records at a single-hospital
establishment, difficult for staff of the hospital to
access and impossible for other health
organizations to reach. This under-development of
healthcare information systems has made delivery
of care extremely difficult, resulting in thousands of
unnecessary mortalities annually.

  • Fragmented
    Patient Data

  • Waste of
    Valuable Time

  • Errors in Medication

  • Lack of
    Researchable Data

  • Vulnerability to
    Physical Damage

  • Limited Access

The OneMedical Approach

Intuitive System Designed Specifically for Hospitals in Nigeria

Less than a decade ago 9 out of 10 physicians in the United States relied on paper records, but today over 85% use an EHR system like ours. It’s time for Nigeria's transition to a technology-driven healthcare system, that’s why we spent years building an innovative solution that is perfect for any hospital or clinic in Nigeria — regardless of size, resources or structure.

  • Individuals
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Labs & Pharmacies
  • Public Sector (Govt)
  • Private Sector

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